Glendale officers receive medical kits & training

GLENDALE, AZ – Seconds matter when someone is seriously hurt. Glendale  police officers may be able to make the most of that time thanks to new tools  distributed Thursday.

“This is critical equipment and training for  police officers who are first responders on-scene,” Glendale police officer  Julie Reed said.

Reed is leading emergency response training. She is  teaching the department’s patrol officers, detectives, even the chief of police  how to assess and treat traumatic injuries.

Each patrol vehicle will be fitted with an emergency medical kit. It’s filled  with equipment that can help treat severe wounds.

The hope is that as  first responders, officers may be able to administer help before paramedics  arrive.

“This is a life safety kit to be able to do what we can do deal  with life threats until we can get them to fire,” Reed said.

The  department knows too well how important initial care can be.

“In the  past five years, we have lost two officers to gunshot wounds in the field.”

Last October, Officer Brad Jones was shot and killed. Anthony Holly died  after being shot during a traffic stop in 2007.

Reed says the new  training and supplies can help keep fellow officers and the people they are  sworn to protect alive in those critical minutes until more help arrives.

“This will hopefully give us the ability to do a better job of sustaining  their life until we can get them to definitive care,” Reed said.

By: Eric English–training#ixzz1uUcfd8tD